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The Cast Of Beatlemania

Since the famed run on Broadway at the Winter Garden Theatre Beatlemania has enjoyed continued success at re-creating the sights and sounds of the fab four. Formed by John Lennon specialist Carlo Cantamessa,the group has thrilled audiences across the U.S.

Mark Templeton brings his keyboard skills to the daunting task of emulating the many orchestral and electronic sounds which became more and more a part of the Beatles productions after 1966. I Am The Walrus, Penny Lane and Stawberry Fields are a few of the songs which The Cast Of Beatlemania do great justice.

The band performs frequently at The Broadway Dinner Theatre, Westchester, N.Y. This is a great spot to see the show.

See calendar for upcoming shows.

Other Projects

Hall and Oates hired Templeton to notate 20 songs from their collection of blockbuster hits, including parts for keyboard, guitar, bass and drums. Collaborating with bassist extroardinaire T-Bone Wolk (Saturday Night Live,Carly Simon) this was completed in 2001. To see some examples of Templeton's transcriptions and charts go to transcriptions

Guitarist / Vocalist Gary Ciuci performing with Wilson Pickett during a 2001 tour

First Call

The group was formed by Templeton primarily to perform at functions from weddings to corporate events. This versatile group includes vocalists Jeanmarie Rivera and Jordan West, trumpeter Rex Denton and saxophonist Kris Jensen, Gary Ciuci on guitar and vocals, Mark Templeton on keyboards, Keith Richards on bass and Kevin Templeton on drums and vocals. The group's repertoire covers a wide spectrum of musical styles, including classic motown and R&B, 1950's rock and roll, contemporary pop and rock, as well as timeless hits from Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin. The groups authentic renditions put them in a class of their own.

To hear some performances by members of the band go to the following links.

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"Boogie Oogie Oogie"
By Taste Of Honey

The Clark Eno Orchestra Lorenda Robinson (voc) Rex Denton (tpt) Kris Jensen (sax) John McNulty (voc+gt) Mark Templeton (kybds) Bruce Eno (bs) Clark Eno (dr)
"Great Balls Of Fire"
By Jerry Lee Lewis

The Clark Eno Orchestra John McNulty (voc+gt) Mark Templeton (kybds) Bruce Eno (bs) Clark Eno (dr)
"I Wish"
By Stevie Wonder

The Clark Eno Orchestra Lorenda Robinson (voc) Rex Denton (tpt) Kris Jensen (sax) John McNulty (voc+gt) Mark Templeton (kybds) Bruce Eno (bs) Clark Eno (dr)
"Brick House"
By The Commodores

First Call Gary Ciuci (voc and gt) Rex Denton (tpt) Duane Reilley (sax) Mark Templeton (kybds,gt and bs) Kevin Templeton (dr)
By Aretha Franklin

First Call Paulette Barnes( voc) Gary Ciuci (gt) Mark Templeton (kybds and gt) Kevin Templeton (dr)