Among Templeton's arranging credits are PBS, Major League Baseball, Hall and Oates, and "The Cast Of Beatlemania."

The PBS documentary "American Photography: A Century of Images" featured some 1920's big band music written and scored by Hall and Oates bassist T. Bone Wolk and Mark Templeton. To view an excerpt from the score along with some audio clips go to Dummerston Rag

In 1998 Clark Eno and Mark Templeton collaborated on a collection of songs for Major League baseball. Commemorating the home run race between Sammy Sosa and Mark MGuire," King Of Swing" was released on Push Records along with stadium and instrumental versions. This song was followed up by" Come Out Swinging", a 1999 release which played in the ballparks as well as ESPN. The sessions featured The Clark Eno Orchestra, with Eno on drums and a group made up of world class session players

Templeton has also done projects for classical composer John DiBalanyi and studio ace drummer Chris Parker. Meticulous recreations of existing arrangements are also a specialty of the house. Singers such as Phil LoPresti have commissioned Templeton to recreate classic arrangements from the golden era of big band music.Soloists have also commissioned "music minus one" recordings for practice and performance. To hear some examples click the following links: Jazz, Classical. To contact Mark email